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Product Highlights

  • OMAP 5 Multicore 2GHz Cortex-A CPU
  • 32 Mono Channels with 100mm Faders
  • XLR Mic & 1/4″ TRS Line In per Channel
  • Fat Channel Strip with Extensive Shaping
  • 1/4″ Send/Return Insert per Channel
  • 32 Pre-Fader Direct Outs on D-Subs
  • 14 Aux Outputs & 2 Stereo Aux Inputs
  • 31-Band Graphic EQ per Aux & Main Output
  • Onboard DSP Reverbs and Delays
  • 48-In/34-Out FireWire800 Audio Interface

The StudioLive 32.4.2AI Digital 32-Channel Mixer with Active Integration DSP from PreSonus features 32 XLR mic inputs, 32 TRS line inputs, 32 XMAX microphones preamplifiers, 32 send/return inserts and a grand total of 37 long-throw 100mm faders. The mixer also features 14 Aux outputs, 4 submixes, 4 internal effects busses with detailed reverbs and delays, 6 mute groups and 8 mix scenes.

PreSonus’s latest technology, Active Integration, runs on an advanced built-in computer system, helping each stage of your signal chain work together. Each channel’s signal chain begins with a gain knob, an on/off Phantom power button and an optional recording buss send. From there, you can route the channel to each of the 14 aux busses pre- or post fader. Then your signal enters the virtual “Fat” channel strip, where you can perfect it with a polarity switch, high-pass filter, gate (frequency-controlled option), compressor, limiter and 4-band parametric equalizer-not to mention that at the press of a button, you can A/B your channel settings with the flat signal or another group of settings. You can then pan, assign to subgroups and manipulate the fader. This functionality can be applied to all 32 channels.

The previous paragraph mentioned a recording buss send. In addition to all its live sound features, the StudioLive 32.4.2 sports an integrated 48 input / 34 output FireWire 800 audio interface, which supports resolution up to 24-bit/48 kHz. It also includes a large software bundle, featuring PreSonus Capture 2.0 computer software for live recording. Capture 2.0 has powerful tools, including record-lock, user-definable auto-save, a 1-minute pre-record buffer and file recovery.

The StudioLive mixer has a separate digital 31-band graphic EQ available on each of the 14 Aux busses andone for the main outputs, allowing you to custom-tailor each monitor mix to the needs of the player, as well as perfect the mains to suit the room.

The StudioLive 32.4.2 has a few additional connectivity features. An extra XMAX preamplifier provides a talkback mic input, which can be routed to any buss. There are analog RCA tape inputs and outputs, control room outputs, a S/PDIF output and both XLR and TRS main outputs. Additionally, the StudioLive has 4 DB25 outputs, providing individual pre-insert balanced direct outputs for all 32 inputs.


Included Software Bundle
The tightly integrated software bundle includes Capture 2.0 recording software,  Studio One Artist DAW, and Virtual StudioLive-AI editor/librarian/control software with Smaart Measurement Technology. StudioLive Remote-AI for iPad and QMix-AI for iPhone/iPod Touch are available free from the Apple App Store.
Wired and Wireless Control
The StudioLive 32.4.2AI features an Ethernet port that allows connection to a wireless router for wired Ethernet and wireless Wi-Fi networking. In addition, the mixer has a USB 2.0 port for the included USB Wi-Fi LAN adapter, providing wireless networking without a router for situations where a less powerful, ad hoc Wi-Fi connection is sufficient.Written exclusively for StudioLive  mixers, Virtual StudioLive provides a complete visual representation of the mixer, allowing you to control the features with a mouse, trackpad, or trackball on a networked Mac or PC.


The mixer can also be controlled from an iPad using StudioLive Remote-AI, which is available free from the Apple App Store. StudioLive Remote-AI is easy to use, provides control of almost every feature of the StudioLive- including Scene changes and Smaart.

LEDs Galore!
  • 24 x 16-LED Fat Channel matrix
  • 8 x 15-LED main meter bank
  • 1 x 15-LED horizontal Pan/Balance display
  • 64 x 194 pixel LCD matrix
  • 2-digit Channel Selected display

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