V-SOUND A5240 (240W Power amplifier)

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The mixer amplifiers feature three microphone inputs and two line inputs, 240 watts of rated amplifier power is available with either 70/100-volt and 4 to 16 ohms (Ω)loads.

Also included a balanced line level output for adding additional power amplifiers.

The unit also features muting function, that MIC1 overrides MIC2,MIC3,AUX1,AUX2 with 0~30dB attenuation.

And features complete protection is provided for output short circuit,overload, high temperature peak current limiters.

• 3 MIC inputs, 2 AUX inputs, 1 AUX output, 1 USB port.

• Individual volume controller for MIC & AUX inputs.
• BASS and TREBLE tone controller.
• MIC1 has priority over other inputs
• 70V, 100Vand4~16Q loads

• Output short circuit,overload.high temperature protection and alarm

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